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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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I would think the majority of people going into a Ridley Scott sci-fi movie would be expecting it to be great, I certainly was as well.
Exactly. If you were disappointed, who knows WHEN that might happen... it could be at the beginning, it could be in the middle... who knows...? But because someone was disappointed, doesn't mean they went in HOPING to hate it...
There's a difference in being disappointed and nitpicking though. I didnt like the plot.vs. I didnt like the font choice on the computer screen. Epic Fail Flop!
Things like font start getting nitpicked when the rest of the movie is shit. By the time I start complaining about the font, its because its on the LIST of complaints. If a movie has really disappointed me, I eventually get around to complain about small things.

I'm willing to forgive the small stuff if the overall stuff is worth the price of admission.
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