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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

My group had a great time at the event; I hope that's not the last time I get to see that lighted TOS Enterprise miniature in person. Amazing!

Seeing Gerald Fried perform was great as well, and as others have stated he was obviously having a great time the entire evening. The story of the guy from Atlanta was great as well. Not only did he fly all the way in just for this event, he arrived way early and I was told he basically hung around the theater taking pictures and meeting the staff. Good of Jeff to give him a shout out in his opening comments.

A couple of things did surprise me though. In spite of reports the event was "sold out", there were still quite a few empty seats. Not sure what happened, but I hope nobody stayed away or was turned away because they couldn't get a ticket online (particularly a fan like the guy from Atlanta).

Watching the episodes was cool (it occurred to me that I had never seen TOS on the big screen with a crowd), but I was surprised that no music from the box set was played during the event (except in the background while the audience was being seated). Was that a licensing / public performance issue? The Elaan of Troyius battle music cranked up in a group setting might have brought the house down.

Finally, I never knew there was a stuffed Glommer! For those who don't know they're available (with "gray" tribble) at

Thanks again to La-La Land, CBS, and all of the organizers for a great event!
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