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I love it!
In that pic: It could be Enterprise rising up to launch. Maybe she was damaged, landed, repaired and relaunching to get back into the fight. Or maybe this is it, she's dead and she's sinking to her grave. I look at that, and a half dozen stories come to mind.
It's the former, King Daniel Into Darkness's avatar represents the latter If the internet teaser is appearing online in 48 hours, hopefully you'll all get to see how close to the mark MadMan1701A and KingDaniel got!
I get that.

Look at as someone that knows dick all about the synopsis at this point: You walk out of a movie, down the hall and BAM the Enterprise is sinking/rising out of the water. You're going to want to see the movie to see what the fuck is happening.

Madman hit it on the head: The way he framed the shot, she looks like it could be Abrams's Enterprise, TOS, or the Movie Refit, it doesn't matter, it's THE ENTERPRISE sinking/rising out of the goddamn ocean! 2 tickets please.

I'm not a big fan of the 2009 movie--I've mellowed toward and enjoy it these days--and even I would say "This, I want to see this!" just on Madman's image if it was a poster.

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I survived the romance scenes in Attack of the Clones. You guys will survive Into Darkness.
Did you ever pay off the bills for the electroshock therapy after those scenes?
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