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Re: Fantasy Casting - Companions for 11 Doctors

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Three - Brigadier Benton
Benton can't become a Brigadier without rewriting most of British army regulations - he's not an officer (though I suppose there's someway he could get a field commission).
It is Canon (Even if not British Army Accurate) from The Five Doctors (I think). Though UNIT is United Nations Task force, so, perhaps they don't don't follow British Army Regulations?
Ehh? Don't recall Benton even getting a mention on Five Doctors (and Mawdryn Undead says he's already left the army to become a used car salesman). Or you thinking of the reference in Robot where Benton explains that as the UNIT budget can't afford the captain and major who ought to be the Brig's assistants, he's been promoted to fill the gap (but still as a an NCO - an RSM/Warrant officer).
That he's assigned to UNIT doesn't really make any difference, as all UNIT personnel are on loan from their home country's military, and the UK has split rank structure, with recruits coming in as enlisted men or officers (as do almost all others, aside from a few countries which dropped the traditional rank structure after revolutions).
You can transfer across, more often in wartime (so Benton's UNIT experience might make him a candidate), but for someone of Benton's age to then make his way up the officer's rank structure to Brigadier would be pretty difficult (seven promotions from starting as an officer cadet).
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