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Re: Simon & Schuster to release ST titles in eBook omnibi?


If I were to guess, I'd bet they were just throwing several ebooks together as one file and not doing much more. I hope I'm not right but I bet I am. LucasBooks (Random House) has released a handful of these ebook omnibus editions like the over the past few months. They were literally the same ebooks, all with their own covers, title pages, etc. all crammed together under a new (cheap) cover. Nothing really to offer anyone that already owned the separate books but a very slight savings to any first-time buyers.

Now, the one that catches my eye is the Destiny omnibus. Is this an ebook version of David's recently released and slight improved and updated version or is this just the three original ebooks crammed together in one file like I mentioned above?

I guess we'll see. Let's all hope for the best.

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