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You know, I already hate JJ Abrams and everyone involved in the horrible Star Trek reboot. They didn't need to go the extra mile and make their poster look like one for the other movie series I hate, Nolan's Batman. My two most hated movies of all time are Star Trek (2009) and The Dark Knight, and as a trekkie, just seeing that poster almost causes physical pain. I'd say that I hope this is a huge failure, but we're living in a world where Michael Bay's horrible Transformers movies (the first two written by the same writers of the horrible ST reboot movies) make a bunch of money, this will make money. Th same people that love those movies will love the Star Trek movie that has about as much to do with Star Trek as it does with How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

(I'll end this post by saying that I don't mean to insult any individual who loves the ST reboot, so if you like it, don't take what I say personally, I'm mostly talking about the general audience for the movie, not individuals).
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