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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Just watched a couple of episodes on disc 2. My thoughts:
  • The Schizoid Man. Ooh boy.... This episode has some very beautiful shots, but also some very problematic shots that will be talked about at length when more people have had a chance to see this episode. First of all, there is this shot:

    The weird thing about this shot is that as the Enterprise flies of to the right, the saucer is clearly cut off. But as it leaves the screen, the gap closes as if the Enterprise element is panning to the right also. The whole shot is aligned correctly as the ship leaves the screen. Very weird and clearly a mistake on the part of post-production company HTV.
  • There are also two equally problematic and ugly shots. One is at the start of chapter 4 as the Enterprise flies past Gravesworld. Gravesworld as a whole is rendered beautifully and looks way better than the SD version. But in this shot Gravesworld can be seen in the background as a close-up and it just looks upconverted to me. On closer inspection I could see it isnít, but the CGI model is lacking in detail so that it comes across as flat and ugly. The second shot IMO is upconverted and it is a scene later on in the episode where Troi performs a psychotronic stabilitytest on Data/Graves. In a close-up shot on Dataís laptop we see all kinds of images from previous episodes, movies and other random images for which the remastering team probably couldnít find the original elements (although it does contain scenes that have been remastered for season 1). It looks very soft, with dull and washed out colours and I really think that because of the potential difficulty of remastering all those tiny shots, they instead decided on upconverting the SD shot. It a short scene, but it stands out.
  • Unnatural Selection fares way better. I think this episode looked very good and faithful to the original effects. The matte painting of researchstation Darwin looks far brighter than in the original episode and much more detail is visible. My only gripe was with the destruction of the Lantree. The explosion looked jittery to me.
Curious to learn what your thoughts will be.
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