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Re: Killing them Softly

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I noticed a really odd trailer for this on TV about a week ago. It tried to make Pitt's character look like a traditional action hero. I wonder if that isn't part of the reason for the "F" grade with audiences: they went in expecting "Brad Pitt's Die Hard," or "Ocean's 1."
This article speculates that's exactly what, in part, led to the "F":
  • Although the film played the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year and earned decent reviews from critics, it was advertised as an intense action thriller instead of the slower paced art film that it really is. That kind of disconnect between marketing and the actual product usually leads to lower audience grades, but 'F's are rare. (Previous films to receive the dishonor include 2009's "The Box," 2002's "Solaris" and this year's "The Devil Inside.")
That makes sense. I saw a trailer for it in the theater once, and while the editing of the trailer gave the impression of an action thriller, it also seemed too brooding to really be one, so I wasn't sure exactly what it was supposed to be. The trailer just wound up confusing me and not telling me much at all, and so I had no interest in seeing it.

Bad marketing can torpedo an otherwise decent film.
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