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Re: Princess Kate (aka the Duchess of Cambridge) is Pregnant!

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We knew it would take The Onion only hours to respond... Cut This Monster Out of Me!
Oh... my.
As soon as sleep finally arrives, I find my psyche plagued by nightmares of terrifying vividnessó10,000 horses drowning in pus; crimson-eyed children feasting on the head of King Richard II; a smiling, dagger-toothed worm wriggling in viscous slime.
No, that's cool; I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyway.

Seriously, though, pretty hilarious/spot-on Lovecraft pastiche, that.

Whenever I hear about Kate, the first thing that always comes to mind is that she had a poster of him on her wall before they met. That nugget of trivia just never gets old.
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