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But seriously, I think Kira would like an answer to those questions before hooking up with Odo and not after. I think she would have been more impressed by Odo answering those questions in a meaningful way than by learning he can sing and dance.
Well, I think Chimera really makes this episode look better in retrospect, because the implication there is: Kira and Odo have been doing what the writers had previously been doing, i.e. basically dodging the issue, playing the role of a normal couple when they really aren't, etc. Never really addressing the *reason* they are together, how different they are beneath the surface, what the relationship means to them.

It does make sense, I guess, that Kira would want to know these things prior to starting a relationship, but that doesn't really bother me because that happens all the time: you get involved with someone, and you don't really deal with the difficult stuff until much later.

So, His Way is like the bad, but understandable reflex that Odo would have to pretend he's something he isn't, in order to attract Kira, and Chimera is about Odo finally not needing to pretend anymore.
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