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Re: Fantasy Casting - Companions for 11 Doctors

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Though now it is sort of tinged because of the host, there is still that mini episode where the two of them pair up with Gareth Jenkins of Earth to save the world from the evil Sontarans. It's on the Two Doctors dvd, and is doubtless on youtube as well.
??? OK, this is brand new to me, off to check YouTube

ETA: that was fun. Not quite as acerbic as I was expecting, but fun nonetheless. I hate to be judgmental, but, it's kinda tough to place this in Tegan's timeline, where she's got a legitimate reason to be wearing the Stewardess outfit. Does her life suck so bad she plays dress up as a Stewardess, or does she get hired back again? Her hair is longer, so, it's obviously after she stopped traveling with 5.

I got ahold of a clip that titled A Fix With The Sontarans/Where it should've ended (And missed the last 2 minutes) so, I'll have to watch it again in full some time. Thanks for pointing it out

Who is Gareth Jenkins? was he a famous child actor in the UK, or was this some kind of a Contest winner that got a part on Doctor Who?
The show was called Jim'll Fix It and was basically about kids writing in to say what thing they really wanted to do - so could be work in a zoo for a day, appear with the Doctor etc and were given a chance to do these things then they got a medal at the end from the host Jimmy Saville who used to be a BBC Radio DJ and present the UK's biggest music show - Top Of The Pops.

Unfortunately its recently been revealed that Saville was a child abuser on a extremely large scale so this clip isn't top of people lists to watch right now.
Yep. As you found, the mini episode is called A Fix With Sontarans. Gareth Jenkins was a young boy whose grandmother had made him a Sixth Doctor costume. He wrote in asking if he could meet the Doctor because of the coat. Instead, they wrote a whole episode about the boy.

It was filmed sometime around the Two Doctors story, but Nicola Bryant (Peri) was not available. At the time, Janet (Tegan) did work behind the scenes, in casting and such, and they brought her in as a replacement.

The idea is that there are two Sontarans running around inside the Tardis. Six needs help and the Tardis materializes Tegan, who was working as a stewardess again. Somehow, the Tardis also brought Gareth on board.

In the future, an adult Gareth Jenkins led a battle against the Sontarans, which they lost. The Sontarans now think if they eliminate him as a child, the future battle will be a success. Do we really think the Doctor is going to let a kid get murdered by giant mashed taters, precious? (oh, sorry. middle-earth on the brain)

In the last few minutes, Jim appears in the Tardis and gives Gareth loads of gifts. Knowing what we do now, that part is dang creepy. But if you ignore that part, it's a cute fun little bonus story, putting Tegan and Six together, if briefly.
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