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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

If you go into the mindset of hating this movie, you're going to hate it. All the arguing in the world can't convince somebody to like something they're intent on hating. I mean, nitpicking picking effects in the first minutes... whatever.

My Blu-ray came in the mail yesterday. Amazon had a great deal on Cyber Monday. I got the 3D version in anticipation of getting a 3DTV this coming summer. There are over 4 hours of extras on the special features disk. They're mostly great. There are a couple of vignettes that I found useless, but I still set down and watched everything in one sweep.

The deleted scenes are interesting. They're actually finished shots that were trimmed from the movie. No animatics or grainy video.

I'm watching the movie right now. I plan on listening to the commentaries and then using the second screen app later. This release is jam-packed with stuff, which I really love.

I think I gave the movie a B+ equivalent when I saw it in theaters because of some of the stuff I really didn't understand, but except for the idiot scientist who started poking at the alien snake, the movie makes more sense to me now.

The picture and audio on the Blu-ray are great. Highly recommended from me.
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