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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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The Taithans. Pleasant enough, although there wasn't really a lot of ambiguity to their situation, given that one faction was so obviously "right" and the other so obviously "wrong."
Just quoting myself here because I had some further thoughts on this just a few minutes ago.

I was reading the Wikipedia page on Hurricane Sandy, specifically the section about its connection to global warming. And I was sadly reminded of those idiots who believe (or claim to believe at least) that global warming is a hoax, and in fact blame the hurricane on gay marriage or something equally nonsensical.

These people are like the Trashers. People who are so married to their doctrine, who will utterly ignore all scientific facts if they disagree with their established world view, no matter how illogical that world view is. These right-wing whackjobs blame death and destruction on a massive scale on two people who love each other acknowledging such in public - something that any non-raging-moron can see has nothing to do with anything - while simultaneously refusing to accept what all evidence points towards actually is responsible, and in fact blocking any efforts to solve that root cause.

One would have hoped that seeing such monumentally, stunningly stupid people in fiction was bad enough. But today I was reminded that such people actually exist in the real world. And that paradoxically made me happier with this book, because what I had taken to be bad writing was actually a perfect representation of something real that I would just rather wasn't.

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