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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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What I find amusing is that for years, it had been said by a variety of sources, from fans all the way to Bob Justman, that Alexander Courage never returned to Star Trek because of Gene's credit and pay grabbing lyrics. Yet Courage not only came back for library cues in the second season, he did full scores in the third. And evidence of his return is not only in the episodes, but obviously in the files. Just shows you that no authority on any subject can be trusted 100%.

I for one and glad these guys were wrong, Sandy Courage contributed some great stuff.
Yeah, it unfortunately cast doubt on Solow and Justman's whole book (which is a very good book, btw) when Solow claimed that he axed the soprano in the opening credits after the first season because of royalty concerns. When obviously the voice was ADDED after the first season and continued into the third! (She's on The Cage, isn't she?)
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