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Re: TNG: Silent Weapons by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

My full review will be out soon on but:

I loved the issues that Picard and Crusher are having. They are real issues that people face as you marry one person and as the years go by they change and become almost another person and you learn to love all over again. Crusher dealing with the seeming hypocrisy of Picard must bring up anger in her because of Jack. This is great character writing! Well done Mack for reminding us that these people are human.

I really like that Picard is changing, that he is embracing what it means to have a family with open arms. The fact that these characters are not static is leaving me ecstatic! The same with Geordi finally getting the spotlight, he's the second officer of the flagship, this man is no dummy; glad to see David shine a light on the engineer.

I have no problem with the Unitarian church being used. I am a Christian who believes in the Trinity, but having it here was nice. It was great to see that well respected characters have faith and it is not looked down on.
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