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Borgminister wrote: View Post
Hope it's part of your day job, because that's nice!
Thanks. For a living I've been laying out and installing wireless networks, and other IT stuff. It would be cool to make pictures for a living though!

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
Are any whales attempting to be saved in this situation?
Well, I bet you could fit about 20 of them in the shuttle bay.

Kruezerman wrote: View Post

Bad. Ass.

M'Sharak wrote: View Post
MadMan1701A wrote: View Post
Thanks. I had been thinking about it since I read some of the comments earlier, and built it in a little over an hour tonight.

In an hour? Not bad at all.
I didn't think so.

SantaEddie74 wrote: View Post
Those are better Photoshopping skills than I have, that's for sure! Great job, man! That's a terrific shot!

Ghostface1701 wrote: View Post

Very cool, and reasonably accurate

Capt_Pickirk wrote: View Post
Reminds me a lot of the scene in Trek '09 where the Enterprise rises out of Titan. Very cool.
Exactly what I was thinking!

The First Joel wrote: View Post
That picture is awesome. Very impressive.

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post

I love it!

I have another idea, that I might work on in a day or two... might wait until the trailer comes out, though.

Later guys,

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