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Re: The bird is out: ENTERPRISE on blu-ray

The only thing I'd wish CBS Digital would do, is replace all the CG created human character models (usually shown walking on the hull of the ship, or on any shot that required scale like fake Trip & Reed standing in devastated Florida) with real live extras. That was the only unconvincing aspect to the SFX. They just looked so fake and even gaming gives uncanny lifelike movements these days. Everything else was top notch, such as the beauty passes of starships and space pheonmena. All that still holds up well.

Surprising they couldn't enhance however many dozen shots across the four year run that amounts to. Compared to the enormous feats of technical achievement reached thousands of times per season on TNG.

When remastering TOS lessons were clearly learned from ENT in that, when it came time to show people walking around huge structures like mining colonies and starbases, real people were filmed (fans working on the project I believe), made tiny and dropped in to add realism.

Whether those CGI creations I'm describing look better at 1080p, I can't tell you since I've never seen Enterprise at any greater resolution than upscaled SD. But I doubt it somehow.
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