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Re: Dominion Wars on Vista/Windows 7

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Well I have the game working to a point to where it starts all the videos and menus load and I can even get the game play to load. I have the Wrapper patch installed.

Here is the issue I am having. When the game starts all the videos play normally no issue. Once i hit the main menu its super slow and jerky. Mission Briefing is the same. The audio even pauses for 3-5 seconds after every word. Game play its self is also super slow and jerky.

Here are my specs.

Intel I3-370m 2.4ghz CPU, Windows 8 64 bit, Intel HD Graphics 128mb V-ram, 6gb Ram.

Any help to fix this problem would be great.
Can i assume you have the UK/EU version of the game........this was also a problom with windows XP as well.........the mouse was all over the place and the game would turn into a slide show.

Now the US version got a patch that fixed this issue in xp.........the UK/EU version never got said patch....there was at one stage a altered US version of the EXE patch that would work and fix the EU/UK version, but i have no idea if it is still out there on the internet, and have no idea if it would work with Windows 7.

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