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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Just finished watching the first disc. Some more thoughts:
  • Surprisingly, the audio mix of the opening credits is better in The Child than in any of the episodes following it. In The Child you can hear a distinct left right seperation in the back channels as the Enterprise wooshed past the screen. This is gone in the following episodes. A shame.
  • Elementary, Dear Data looks fabulous in HD. This show is of course light on visual effects, but there are some interesting ones. The arch appearing and disappearing looks a tad soft though, however when Moriarty starts playing with the holodeck grid and it starts appearing over London the HD visuals looks superb. The live action stuff is fantastic and the set and costum design really benefit from the HD upgrade. A very impressive remasteirng job here.
  • The Outrageous Okona doesn't fare that well when it comes to the visuals. The ship details are fine, but the Enterprise looks very bright. The effects in this episode were unremarkable to begin with, as seen in the SD version, and this kind of carries over to the HD version. As a rule, you could say if the original effect was a disappointment, the HD effect will be as well. By the way, I really loath this episode. No redeeming quality whatsoever.
  • Loud As A Whisper is in my opinion one of the most underrated episodes of TNG. I absolutely love this episode. An interesting story, great guest star and some truely outstanding performances. It looks great in HD. The two-footer looks just fine as does the planet. Yes it is soft, but when you really look at it you can see all kinds of detail on the surface of it. I really like it. The matte painting of the planet surface holds up very well as do the shots of Riva's chorus getting vaporized (though they are a tad soft).
  • In all the episodes I''ve seen the live action sequences are razor sharp with lots of visible detail and a pleasing layer of grain. A visual effect almost always announces itself because the picture will become much softer and the grain is great reduced. This is one of the most disappointing aspects of the remastering in season 2. A slight disappointment though because I still very much enjoy this HD upgrade.
On to disc 2. I think in the coming hours many more people will be getting or receiving this set and I'm curious to hear what you guys think.
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