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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

This episode confused me at first. In the last episode, it ended at night. Then the new episode began began at day, with Tyreese and his gang outside the prisoner. Then, it shifted back to the night.

So, my question is this, is this what happened -
a.) The attack on Woodbury at night
b.) Tyreese's gang finding shelter in the prison the next day

As for the recon party, I think the attack upon Woodbury occurred before a party could be sent. The Governor was discussing strategy with Merle and others, and laying out his plan.

I think Penny's behavior proved, for ma at least, that the zombies are operating at the basest level of intelligence. They have become animals. Animals are single-minded creatures. She had been starved by her father, and, when she saw or smelt the raw meat, her attention became riveted upon the food. I disagree with Michionne - zombies do have a need, and that need is to eat raw meat.

I sense a change in this character's behavior after the fight with the Governor. I think she is beginning to realize that she is alone in this world. I believe that I saw vulnerability in her when Rick confronted her.
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