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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Another great episode, waiting till Feb. 10th is going to suck.

You know I see so many people down on Andrea but IMO she wants so badly to live in that utopian village that she has blinders on, she wants so badly to date what she thinks is Mr. right she doesn’t see his little faults, come on folks, we’ve all done it or know someone that has, She is tired of running, she is tired of starving, she is tired of seeing so much death all around her.

Have you ever wanted to date someone so badly or lived in a house or own a car that you look by their/it’s faults because in your mind they/it was perfect?
That guy/girl is so damn good looking you want to be with them even though your friends tell you he/she is a dog and will run around on you.
That person has told you they aren’t like that anymore so you believe them.

Have you ever wanted a house so badly because it was the perfect size, the perfect color and way cheaper than you thought it would be?
Your friends tell you, “ya know there is a reason 5 different people have live her in the past 5 years, ya see those train tracks running through the back yard?”
In your mind you justify it, you say “well I’ve been here 5 or 6 times to look at this place and I’ve never seen a train run though here, look at that tall grass around the tracks, I’ll bet that train doesn’t come through here any longer.
A few weeks after living there you find out the train runs only a few times a month but 5 times a day.

At the end of the episode we saw Andrea, struggling to get free from the Governor’s men yelling “those are my friends!”.
Give her a break, she is waking up from her utopian dream, she’ll do the right thing.
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