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Re: How many reset buttons?

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The reset button on Voyager is far more subtle than that.

Every episode, should have had crew bitching and moaning for the next ten episodes, like they do in the day time soaps.

For instance some stupid bastard should have accidentally called Tuvok "Tuvix" in resolutions or Basics, and Neelix should have asked Kes "Why wouldn't you sleep with me when I was Tuvix? It made me very sad." The doctor still should have been learning how to talk and diagnose in False Profits after being rebuilt from a corpse in the Swarm... And Neelix should have still been growing his hair back in Remember after they surgically altered him to look like a Ferengi. In the Q and the Grey Neelix should have asked if he and Kes had really broken up in Warlord? In fair trade the crew should still have been covered in weeping bug bites and rashes from Macrocosm.

Every episode should have dribbled over into the next "just a little" but they didn't.

None of them.

(Well maybe 3 or 4 exceptions.)
Yeah, and if they didn't have enough energy to replicate coffee they shouldn't have been running the holodeck 24/7. And the Bajoran farmer should have been able to replicate self sealing stembolts. And the borg should have sent more than one cube to the alpha quadrant at a time, or gone back in time in the Delta quadrant before coming to Earth. And some six year old in 2900 should have used his school desk to tell someone what Hitler was planning. This is Star Trek we're talking about.

Don't forget Fury. One more "Everybody plum forgot" time travel episode.
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