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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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I'd have enjoyed the show more with Joxer as the permanent sidekick.
PLEASE tell me you wouldn't have preferred a show with just Janeway & Neelix!

I love Xena 3000... it combines Xena, Voyager AND BSG!!!!
That was an exaggeration to some extent, Joxer would have had to be toned down considerably to be around more than he was. He was played for the fool too much until the post crucifixion period. If they'd let him grow up from the fool he could have been a more dramatically entertaining semi-regular character. He always struck me as a surrogate little brother for Xena which never seemed to be something Gabrielle ever caught on to- Xena's patience for the guy. Neelix gets a lot of flack, unfairly I think. Unfortunately, the writers had him too often being jolly coffee boy after Voyager left familiar space for him. But in episode 'Night' he had better ideas of how to keep the crew from going nutty than Chakotay was bringing up. Letting the crew wallow in the holodeck was a recipe for disaster as they'd socially be drifting apart as a crew. It's a shame the show didn't give him a little more meat to his scenes to show his development into the more responsible and capable character he was when he left the ship.
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