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"Into darkness" stands with large and clear print, however "star trek" is small and opaque. Many people will not know it's star trek. Is this part of marketing?

"Empire Strikes Back" stands with large and clear print, however "star wars" is small and opaque. Many people will not know it's star wars. Is this part of marketing?

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I'm seriously underwhelmed by this poster - looks 100% like the Batman posters. Along with the synopsis, this just makes me believe that they're hellbent on making this the "Dark Knight" to ST09's Batman Begins - whether the story is all that clever or not.

I'll wait for the first trailer to see if my excitement sets in then. For now, I have no opinion on this film except: Let's hope it's more than what we know so far suggests: A rip-off of everything from Heart of Darkness to Batman...
Meh... Everything borrows from everything. There aren't any original ideas left save for perhaps some strange disjointed "art" films that try to be original by being incoherent.

Nothing wrong with retelling stories, that's where all of our best stories have come from.
Hey! Don't diss on 'Art' Movies! What do you mean by 'art' movies? Drive, Rust and Bone, and The Dark Knight Rises can all be considered art films but those films all have coherent narrative structures.
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