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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I'm likely to have tomatoes thrown at me for saying this, but I'd argue His Way is just as daring of an episode as the one that preceded it in challenging Trek conventions. Only... the other way.
I think that's probably true in a sense. Just not in a way that I enjoy as much.

But... I can see what Behr means when he says the episode is a bit under-appreciated. Still, I think the over-indulgent complaint really has weight. It's just too much of an overdose on something that I guess he or some other people who work on the show really like (the whole Vegas lounge singer thing), and not enough thought about what the audience's tastes might be.

I just... don't like that whole vibe all that much. I don't really like Vic, or think he's cool. But it's basically assumed that it's all 100% awesome and I should like it.
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