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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Oh my God, they've got a plausible way to get Merle back into our primary group of intrepid zombie warriors. I can't believe it. You gotta give the writers credit. Once he gets back, he's gonna try and push Daryl around and find things have changed. Fascinating dynamic could be had all around.

I cannot see it working; he has nothing but hatred of Rick, and after the fight with Glenn and Maggie--essentially a would-be fight to the death--there's no way he can be a part of Rick's group, even if he helps Daryl escape from the governor.

I think Merle will return to the main group.

Daryl will vouch for him and convince rick/new leader that he will keep Merle under control.

I could easily see Darryl and Merle escaping woodbury and after a long and ardous journey, returning back to the main group, with daryl saying something like "if you kill merle you'll have to kill me"... and merle is given another chance due to how much pull darryl has.
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