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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

OMG, 15.2 Million for a Cable Series? That's Network Cadillac Series Numbers (The show would be able to trundle on for years happily as a sure renewal with only 5 Million)

I'm confused? I thought the Governor had already sent his team to take the Prison. Didn't seem like Tyrese's group was them, but, everyone you normally see with the Governor on raids was in Woodbury, so, the Raiding Party would be folks we don't recognize, so could be Tyrese's group. However, no one has mentioned this yet? Where did I go wrong believing the Governor already sent a Raiding party to the Prison last week?

Andrea really disappointed me early on until she got trained up by Shane, and then she became very cool (Other than the Shane Koolaid she was drinking) and now she's just walking around with blinders on with the Governor. Surely this episode has got to show her she missed some warning signs with him, if not, I agree she's becoming too stupid to live.

Karl, yea, the kid has done a great acting job this season (And end of last season) and the writing has matured him at a smooth believable rate. A++++++ all the way around with Karl's character development

Oscar - yea, T-Dogg replaced by Oscar, Replaced by Tyrese could've been handled way better (Michonne...if they bring in another sistuh, you be sure to stick her before she has a chance to get you killed by way of too many black girls in the cast)
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