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Never understood Riker's rationale for going after Ro for wearing her earring when he never said a word to Worf for wearing his Klingon sash.
Because he knew Worf would kick his ass.

I am so, so glad we got Major Kira (and I love Colonel Anastasia Komananov too!). I think it goes without saying that Kira having lived on Bajor during the occupation and being in the resistance was a major factor in this show. I don't think Ro really had any allegience to Bajor, let alone the prophets.

What I really would have liked, though, would have been for Ro to be a recurring character in the Maquis part of the story. Hell, I would have expected her and Tom Riker to hook up I thought Ro was a great character. We could have had some great interactions between her and Kira, as I'm sure they'd both have some things to say to each other, both having fought for their cause yet both having completely different feelings about their loyalty to Bajor and, the Prophets, the Maquis, etc.
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