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Re: Do the Homeless Get Free Medical Treatment at American Hospitals?

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They're not going to go away either way.
Some of them will.
Why? You don't think there will be a market to cater for those who want premium health care service at a premium price?
A much smaller one. The price of these premium plans will soar and less people will be able to have them.
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And the DMV and post office have developed them also. And there are times when you have to wait an hour or more for the DMV in California. If someone needs a surgery and the wait is 4 years? What happens then?
The DMV isn't the equivalent of surgery (at least, not emergency surgery). The DMV is where people go for routine things and all have to enter the same line. Hospitals can separate the lines for checkups from the line for surgery.
True, but in the end there are still limited resources. I understand the benefits of socializing medicine... but when you go to the poorest neighborhoods in our nation, there is near universal health care because of programs for the poor... and they have the worst care! King hospital in LA was a disaster. It was shut down. And now the government is going to pay less for procedures... It won't end well
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