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Re: blue ray - further extended cuts?

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They stored everything they filmed on a days shooting, as everything they shot was converted to vhs quality intermediate for editing the show way back when, so everything they shot exists in 35mm film, assuming any reels haven't been lost in the 20 years since (which according to the CBS team doing the remaster, is the case but only in a few shots out of the tens of thousands they're dealing with).

I think that the pace of the show as it was, most of what they filmed they used unless it was an outtake. They should have had the experience to only shoot what they needed the longer the show went on.
Most, if not all, TV shows and movies film more than what they need. In editing the director and editor cut out what they think detracts from the story, and keep cutting till they have enough for the time slot. Having 12 minutes of extra footage is not uncommon. Having 12 minutes that actually add to what is already a good episode is uncommon.
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