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Re: Important advance: IBM nanotube chip

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You and I both know those aren't a Singularity,
THAT, is exactly the point.Point again. thanks.
As you know, the present technologies are built on the older ones, so the growth had to happen first to reach the point we're at now.
This has to be the most oblivious statement I have seen from you yet. Can you explain why transportation technology, with it's rapid development last century, did not lead to a transportation singularity? What happened to exponential growth? Explain why for info-tech, but not for transportation?
I already answered that question, but this will describe it in detail:

Happy reading! it should be quite useful to you.
That doesn't answer the question at all. Why would exponential growth in information technology lead to a singularity while exponential growth in transportation technologies didn't?

Or DID it?

I just realized that RAMA/Kurtzweil is possibly right about the singularity, that it could be just around the corner, that it could revolutionize information technology in the most annoying way possible. Like a sentient version of Facebook or something.
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