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Rare Photos: December 2012 + Stocking Stuffers!

Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit more than a 60 degree December day in the north east!

Despite that bit of unseasonable weather, it is December so... yeah. Goodies for all!

First up, December's edition:

2nd Row, Right: Gorgeous picture of the lovely Nana Visitor as Kira Nerys (pretending to be Luma Ral during a jaunt back through time courtesy of an orb)

3rd Row, Center: Geordi La Forge admires the Warp Core of the Enterprise-E.

4th Row, Right: $20 to whomever can tell me the name of the Ferengi waiter on the right pictured with Quark, Rom, and Nog. Anybody?

5th Row, Right: Gene inspects the NCC-1701 model while filming the first pilot "The Cage" way back in 1964.

Which Are Your Favorites?

Next up, Stocking Stuffers!


2nd Row, Left: EMH Mark 2 (Andy Dick) and EMH Mark 1 (Bob Picardo) on the bridge of Prometheus.

3rd Row, Center: Jeri Ryan and Robbie McNeil chatting between takes on one of Jeri's early Voyager episodes.

4th Row, Left: Leonard Nimoy and his oft-lamented bicycle on the Desilu lot. If you've not heard the behind the scenes story concerning such, google it!

5th Row, Center: Leonard and Bill in costume as Spock and Kirk share a laugh and a hug.

Which Are Your Favorites?

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