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Re: TOS's largest one time prop.

And then there's Nemesis, where the lowermost deck of the ship apparently has a bottomless shaft extending down from it.
Lowermost deck? Why would the Viceroy be on the lowermost deck of the ship? He was going to kidnap Picard, who was on the bridge - the Viceroy would be far more likely to be near the topmost deck! Or more likely at the top of the secondary hull and the bottom of the primary one, where Riker and Worf would meet him at halfway point. Plenty of room for a long shaft - and indeed a good justification for having such a shaft, as the vertical warp core is near the primary/secondary hull junction and no doubt has associated service shafts.
It's the bottom of the ship; that's where the boarding party beamed in at, it is pretty specific in dialog, and I think it is two decks lower than the lowest deck on the ship in FC. Unless they managed to ascend a long ways before security responded (and I can't see why that would be permitted, but hey, did anybody really think about any of this in NEM?), the shootout is down low.
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