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Re: USS Enterprise inactivation ceremony

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Here's an article about CVN-80 being named Enterprise:,764621.story

Every Trek fan will be happy for this! We've had the old Enterprise in service for the entirety of the franchise history until now; it would be tragic not to have a ship named Enterprise around - or at least planned to be around.

Now, while the CVN-80 Enterprise won't be commissioned until 2025-2027, keep in mind that the hull is designed to be in service for a whopping 50 years MINIMUM - for comparison, the previous Enterprise was designed for 25 years and more than doubled it. Our next Enterprise will be with us for a good long time!

Yeah, by that reckoning its successor will be the NX-01 .

PS you do realise all those wall displays of previous Enterprises in Star Trek are now no longer canon .
None of those displays have ever featured all Enterprises. Obviously they're all missing the NX-01. The one in TMP is the only one to feature the ringship, and they've only ever featured one aircraft carrier, despite the fact that there have already been two in the US Navy (CVN-80 will be the third). Hell, the one in the Enterprise D's briefing room left out the 19th century Enterprise, only had one aircraft carrier, and featured the wrong designs for the Enterprises B and C.

The canonical value of those displays has not been threatened at all.
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