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Re: Let's say Marvel and DC were to merge universes.

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^The fanboy's point is noted.

Not that it should be a cuteness or gothness should be a deciding factor in which version of Death takes suzerainty over the other, but Starlin's Death isn't... unattractive when she's making the point of appearing to have flesh.
My point was less about what does or doesn't take precedent in an imaginary crossover and more about responding to the point you seemed to have made.

You had stated that perky Goth Death was only one aspect of Death. In response, I pointed out that her creator said she wasn't an aspect of Death but was, in fact, Death. Unless and until DC or Gaiman undoes that, that's the current status of the character, as sure as Superman is the survivor of the doomed planet Krypton, or Batman is an orphaned millionaire.

I suppose, yes, if DC and Marvel were to somehow merge they could, hypothetically, overrule Gaiman's interpretation of his own character. However, until that happens, I'm going to stick with the character as she is, as written by her creator, not as someone might like to see her.
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