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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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A couple more reviews. No mention of any effects problems, and they actually take issue more with the quality of the season itself (which seems to me about right).
Geez, its my least favorite season but the Io9 review makes me feel old, like we're watching stuff from the 1920s...

There's a few episodes to love other than what he mentioned: Loud as a Whisper is profound to many people for finding strength in weakness, I liked it a lot. Contagion is a gem. Peak Performance stands up in several levels to later episodes. I re-watch "Time Squared" as often as any season 2 episodes. Elementary, Dear Data goes a level further than "The Big Goodbye" and has a charming homage to the 40s Rathbone Holmes. "A Matter of Honor" has Riker at his best, showing the willingness to accept other cultures and ideas despite perceived strangeness. I even have a soft spot for "Unnatural Selection", with one of the better teasers of the series.
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