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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

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Overall, "Broken Bow" is probably in my top two when it comes to Trek pilots. I also liked "Emissary" from DS9 quite a bit, I'm just not sure which I'd put at #1 and which at #2.
Emissary is my favourite pilot simply because imho it introduces each character, main cast and recurring, heroes and villains, in such a perfect way. You have a good idea of who everyone is the moment they step on screen. Some get more focus than others, cough Sisko cough, but each character manages to make a definite impression on the audiance even when their just being background dressing in someone elses scene.
Since it is only the pilot, their potential hasnt been fully realised just yet but your left with an idea of what they could be that makes you want to join them on the journey they are just beginning.

Aaand when i reread what i wrote there the words seem somehow insufficient. They fail to accurately capture my true meaning/feelings regarding Emissary and the characters that are introduced within its confines. Darn i love words i hate it when they fail me

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-I think you should rate the episodes as you go. I find that it allows others to compare and contrast someones feelings for the episodes and gives a clearer example of how you feel about each episode.
I can try to rate the episodes if you want but im not usually very good at that kinda thing. I tend to be inconsistent but here goes:

I hereby award Broken Bow 3 and a half stars (out of 5) it would have been higher if not for Archers silly behaviour and killing off the cool Suliban lady
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