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Re: "King's Speech" director to take on "Les Miserables"

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What earlier adaptations of the musical? This is the first film.
^ Okay, 'adaptation' was the wrong word to use; I should've used 'iteration'.
Even the largest of stage musicals are by definition aimed at a smaller, more affluent, and better-educated audience than most films. This adaptation seems to be aiming for a wide, mainstream audience, so I wouldn't be surprised if other aspects were altered for clarity.
The lyrics to some of the less known songs have been changed or eliminated over the years. When I first saw the musical in London, it had Little People as a full song, then a later touring version back home in Texas, had the song eliminated about 5 years later leaving only the bit of Little People sung when Gavroche exposes Javert. Also The Finale has some minor line changes between Cosette and Vajean compared from the stage version and the 10th Anniversary concert. I've also noticed changes in One Day More, again minor changes but noticeable if you have been listening to the Original London Cast Recording.
It keeps Carol Anne very close to it and away from the spectral light. It lies to her. It says things only a child can understand. It has been using her to restrain the others.
To her it simply is another child. To us it is the beast.
Now let's go get your daughter.

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