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Re: Sayings that you hate now

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^If it's not work I'd hope that everyone would find something about which they are passionate!
Of course. In my case, it's baseball. People keep telling me I talk about it too much, but it's really all I *can* talk about. I wish I'd grown up with it, instead of just becoming a baseball fan within the last 5 years or so. I think my life might have been very different if I had.
And since you probably have many years of life left, it can still become different...
True dat! But I wish I could have seen Mark Fidrych in his prime (or, better yet, my favorite player of all time, Dave Dravecky), or watched the '77 World Series, or seen the Padres/Braves brawl at Fulton County Stadium in '84, or even seen old Yankee Stadium before the renovation...

Ah well. Once time travel is invented, that's the first thing I fix.
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