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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Good interview with Jeff. You know what? I just bet there's a ton of research material that he couldn't fit into those liner notes. How about a companion book?

I knew Ray Ellis did the episode scores for the '60s Spider-Man, but someone else was credited with the theme song. Is it true that Ellis did the arrangements for the song?

You guys saved some of the best or most iconic excerpts for last. We finally hear "Monster Illusion" -- although I'm puzzled, because I remember it having a high three-note ostinato, a sort of "ping-ping-ping, ping-ping-ping" that isn't there in this cue. Maybe that's something that was added in the library version? We also get "Space Cube," the quintessential first-season action cue, and the never-before-released "Condition Alert," plus the long-awaited "Apollo's Storm," which unfortunately didn't sound too great on my old, deteriorating computer speakers. Mullendore's library cue is one I certainly remember, though I can't recall what episodes it was used in.

But "Death of Miramanee" was the best. You were right, Indysolo, about how that cello sting would affect me.
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