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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

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It has the same vibe Smallville did regarding "realism." And, lo and behold, that show was chock-full of super powers.
I disagree.

The visual style alone sets them apart. SV's excessive use of color (especially the primaries) made it a much more vibrant world. This implied a certain element of fantasy. There were times where they used filters to accentuate them.

Contrarily, Arrow uses a gray filter to "ground" the show.

The thing is, I hope the Arrow people start imbuing some more color into the show soon. IMO I think it's still one thing that sets it apart from Smallville. I always found the color to add a certain element of warmth that drew viewers in.

Arrow just doesn't have that, and since emulating the visual style of Nolanverse isn't enough (you need the resources/talent also), I think it's going to run stale quickly.

Plus, I don't think the "realism" angle plays nearly the impact in television as it does film. So I think it might be nice for them to "let their hair down".

I admit though, it does appear the writers have a long-term plan in mind. I supposed at this point their main focus is just getting through the first season and making some changes if they get picked-up.

Look at the a fore mentioned Buffy: tonally, visually, and stylistically the first season is almost like a completely different show from the subsequent six.
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