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Re: Dexter - Season 7 (with Spoilers)

Guess I was wrong about what I posted earlier. Don't think Hannah is planning on killing Dexter.

Of course, if she ever finds out about what he did to her dad, then maybe... But I don't think they will go that route.

I have a suspicion that she will go after Deb, not succeeding though, and then Dexter will have to off her after all.

I wonder who will take out LaGuerta

so, who's side do you think Matthews will take? On one hand, he wants his pension back, and helping to catch the Bay Harbour Butcher would be a great career choice, but on the other hand, LaGuaerta could stab him in the back again.

He and Dexter have strong ties, he might have suspected that something was off with him, given his past and whatnot. But again, he told Laguerta about Brian, he told her about the old crime boss. Would be stupid if he suddenly wants to help Dexter after all of this, so I think he'll side with her.

Wonder how Dexter will get out of this one
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