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Re: USS Enterprise inactivation ceremony

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Here's an article about CVN-80 being named Enterprise:,764621.story

Every Trek fan will be happy for this! We've had the old Enterprise in service for the entirety of the franchise history until now; it would be tragic not to have a ship named Enterprise around - or at least planned to be around.

Now, while the CVN-80 Enterprise won't be commissioned until 2025-2027, keep in mind that the hull is designed to be in service for a whopping 50 years MINIMUM - for comparison, the previous Enterprise was designed for 25 years and more than doubled it. Our next Enterprise will be with us for a good long time!

Yeah, by that reckoning its successor will be the NX-01 .

PS you do realise all those wall displays of previous Enterprises in Star Trek are now no longer canon .
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