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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Based on other effects shots I've seen, this is one of the better ones by HTV. The lights actually line up with the model! *High five* Not particularly wowing, but it won't make me cringe either. The framing is also cropped and zoomed on all four sides in the live-action shot, but only slightly.

Was there an added effect in the original SD to diffuse the light of the windows, or was that just a flaw? Either way, the remaster doesn't match that. It looks smoother and slightly more realistic (less like a model) in the SD shot, however.

I noticed the Excelsior-class ship's running lights aren't blinking at the same time as before. Then in the shuttlebay shot, the running lights aren't blinking at all. What a bunch of hacks. j/k
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