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Re: Why is humor lacking in so much modern sci-fi?

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Maybe we need to create a "camp" scale, so people have a sense of what we're talking about.

So say Quark at 1, Xena at 2 or 3, Eureka at 4, Stargate at 4-5, TOS at 6 , DS9 at 8, BSG at 10

And the old BSG Casino episode... i think it COULD have been more serious (perhaps the intent)..if it had played later, it might make more sense. After being oin the run for a while, people might drop their defenses and buy into the Casino hype (i.e. having real fun after weeks or months of suffering). Kind of like Lotto fever. We hear the stories of the many 'winners" who wound up making poor decisions...this would be similar.
The food in Galactica's fleet was breaking down and I doubt if they had time to plaint and grow seeds in the agro ships.
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