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Re: DS9 ruined Alexander Rozhenko

Yeah, a badass Klingon kid running around the Enterprise decking the adults would've been amusing, if crude and predictable.

Well, I see that could have worked if they had allowed him to be on the ship during his "Teenage" years since that would have fit with both human adolescence as well as Klingon mentality once he'd hit puberty. We didn't really see Wesley rebel against authority before leaving for the academy and it could have added a bit if that type of story-line was explored.

As for Alexander on DS9, he had a bit of a right to be upset at his father. NO CONTACT for 5 years then he tried get a life for himself only to run smack into his father that wants to once more send him away just like he always had. I would have liked to see him on the Vor'Nak before he was transferred over to the Rotarran to see how he behaved there. On the Rotarran, Worf was adversarial towards his son from the moment he recognized him which of course would cause a "Teenager" to balk at their parents.

HOWEVER, by the second time he was on DS9 we see that the "WHINY" factor was gone even if he wasn't the "Tough-Klingon" that we are used to seeing just yet. But he appears to have forgiven his father for his lack of care over the years and came off as a happy-go-lucky type of kid for the most part. He had a lot of potential that just wasn't ever fully realized. By a year after Jadzia's death we hear Ezri say that Alexander had been promoted to weapons officer and was no longer clumsy which goes to show that he was maturing and was actually beginning to thrive. No thanks to Worf, I hate to say.
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