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Natural evolution works by selecting from many random mutations the VERY few that are actually beneficial.
'Artificial' evolution would work by selecting from highly beneficial mutations the ones that are the most advantageous.
Meaning, it will be blindingly fast by comparison to natural evolution.

And yes, evolution works by selecting the ones best adapted to an environment.
But we know certain abilities are advantageous in any environment which contains resources above a certain, relatively low level (intelligence) and certain abilities are advantageous in today's environment (carisma, beauty, etc) - and such will be the traits most likely artificially encouraged to manifest or even inserted from the ground up, changing the make-up of the genetic pool of the future ruling class of humanity. One can be quite sure that such traits will proliferate once released into the human society 'wild' (direct control - perhaps not; indirect control by such predictive means - almost certainly).
Again, the conclusion is that evolution will be lightning fast.

And during evolution, the 'fickle and slow' in the environment, the ones less adapted - in the future, perhaps, the ones too poor to make themselves thrice as smart, beautiful and resistant to disease, etc by merely undergoing a treatment - are the ones disappearing. They have no say in the future evolution of the species - they never did in the past: the "short/pale/hairless" genes survived because, in that given environment, they were better than the "tall/bronzed/fuzzy" genes.
I told you before, newtype_alpha - your 'happy ending', politically correct version of evolution has little in common with the actual thing - whether natural or artificial.

As for a 'super-race', genetically pure, etc - that's non-sense. A species, race that doesn't evolve, changing, adapting continuously (gaining traits that are better in its environment) cannot be called 'super' by any relevant criterion; it was - and is - just the wet dream of many demonstrably failed/contradictory to reality ideologies throughout history.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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