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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

I was expecting the "Children Shall Lead" score to include a notation for "Includes 'Ring Around the Rosie' (Traditional)." Maybe Duning's version is different enough not to count as the actual tune? At least a couple of bars of it seem identical, and usually just one or two bars is enough to get a footnote.

So most of this is re-recorded library cues. I guess I'm not surprised. I do remember that a lot of pilot and "Man Trap" cues were tracked in season 3. Offhand I don't remember what S3 episodes used the tracked Fried cues included here. Interesting that Wilbur Hatch conducted the reused Courage cues. And what are those "Act Out LM131" takes conducted by Duning? There's no composer credit on that.

The alternates could be interesting -- variants that weren't used in the scores? Cool.

And I'd forgotten the presidential fanfare in "The Savage Curtain." Somehow I never really noticed that there was a bit of new music there. I'm still surprised that Hatch was working on TOS in season 3, since he was Desilu's musical director and Desilu was gone by that point.

So anyway, that's the last track listing to be released. I'd be sad that it's over -- except the actual box set goes on sale in less than 23 hours! Soon it will be mine, ah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!
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