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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

SmoothieX wrote: View Post's got decent power for a catcher?

Decent power, low walks, low average, high strikeouts, moderately durable. No clue how he is at throwing out runners or talking a pitcher off the ledge. (The AL West is not my specialty.)

$13M a year for that??? WTF are you thinking Boston?

I'm going to be 33 in exactly 7 weeks from today. I'm left handed, have a pulse, and know the difference between first base and a foul pole. I'm squandering millions I could be making by getting one aging, overweight lefty pinch hitter out in the 7th inning twice a week. Where the fuck did I go wrong in life?
He'll be playing first mostly first base. Listen, the Red Sox needed a middle of the order, right handed power bat. Oh, they also needed a first baseman, since they have NONE in the system who project to be a star major league player. Yes they overpaid for Napoli, but they kept the years down. And now they have a guy who has a high OPB, hits for power, and takes a lot of pitches. A grinder, which is exactly what they needed. They have money to spend he is was the best available option to fit that need and keep the years on the shorter end.
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