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Re: Boardwalk Empire - Season 3 (Discussion, Spoilers)

I liked the finale, but it didn't provide all the resolution I was hoping for. I thought Richard going solo into the brothel was awesome, but was disappointed that he decided to back away from Julia after delivering Tommy to her. I also wish that Gillian had bought it. Right now both stories are a little too unresolved for my taste.

I am fine with how things ended with Margaret and Nucky and thought it would be a good jumping off point for her character.

I enjoyed Chalky v. Capone and how they came to respect each other at the end.

I was a little confused by all of the betrayals and counter-betrayals. I'm going to run through them. Anyone who understands this better than me, please let me know if I'm right.

-Lucky and Meyer buy heroin from Masseria and owe him big time. They do it behind Arnold's back, correct? Lucky, impatient, gets arrested and then strikes a deal with the cops. These cops work for Arnold. Now, Arnold owns the heroin. He decides to offer a partnership with Masseria to split the profits from the heroin, the clincher being Masseria withdraw his support from Gyp. Okay, if that is correct, then why isn't the heroin still Masseria's? Masseria hasn't been paid off yet for his fronting the drugs, so why isn't he within his 'rights' to reclaim the drugs?

-With Nucky and Arnold. After Mickey calls, Nucky and tells him they are sitting on a gold mine, I'm assuming that Nucky later tells Mickey to call Arnold? Anticipating that Arnold's greed will get the best of him, Arnold calls Nucky to deal and Nucky obliges to take care of the immediate problem of Gyp. Nucky also contacts Mellon so that he can take care of Arnold. But why would Mellon want to take care of Arnold? I thought his only concern was making sure he got paid from his distillery? And what's the difference between Arnold and Nucky? The only one I can see is that Arnold appears to be more stable than Nucky is.
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